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Great News for Quality Supports in Childcare
Avril McMonagle has many years’ experience in supporting childcare providers both in the Community & Private sector to strive for Quality, Affordable and Sustainable childcare for all.
A leading expert in the early childhood development and a specialist on the Irish childcare scene especially in her native Donegal, Avril’s grasp and understanding of Government policy and its implications both positive and negative is second to none. Having a Mentor with a wide breath of knowledge and experience is a great development for the childcare sector. Wishing this new venture every success.

Clare Cashman (Vice Chair National Forum of Family Resource Centres)

I would like to wish Avril every success in her new venture. Avril’s knowledge and expertise in the early childhood sector are second to none and I have every confidence in recommending her to anyone thinking about employing her as a mentor.
I worked with Avril for 3years and I found her to have a knack getting the best out of people.
Avril helped me to believe in myself and my abilities and encouraged me to think outside the box and think creatively. This enabled me to reach a higher potential and complete tasks that I never thought possible.
Avril was an amazing mentor for me and I’m confident she will inspire others in her new venture Meantóir too.

I have worked alongside Avril for the best few months of my working career. She is always happy to help no matter how small or big the problem. Her passion for helping childcare services to achieve the best for our children really did blow me away. I know you are going to do well. I wish you every success with your new venture.

On both a personal and a professional level Avril, I wish you the absolute best with Meantóir. As an advocate for the early childhood sector, you are able to articulate the needs of the sector in a way that few other people can. Your knowledge about and for the sector is second to none which you have always kept to the fore in so many creative ways.
I’ve learnt so much from you over the years in relation to quality practice for the early childhood sector and I have no doubt that you will once again be trailblazing in no time at all!

Avril you have always provided us with invaluable support and guidance, encouraging us on our journey from the beginning. We truly wish you the very best of luck for the future and we look forward to having a Mentor here in Donegal that is committed, on our side and one who wants to help childcare services be the best they can be.

Having had the privilege of working with Avril over the years I am truly delighted to see that she is fulfilling her ambition of providing a variety of supports to early years settings who are embracing and delivering quality practices. I have no doubt that this will be a highly successful venture as Avril is extremely innovative and motivated to create a service that is dedicated to meeting the diversity of needs of all of the clients she engages with. Wishing you every success with Meantóir Avril.

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