Re-Registration Policy & Procedure


The Meantóir Re-Registration Package has been specifically designed to include the policies required for re-registration with Tusla.
The Epackage contains the policy and procedure documents on the Tusla re-registration checklist. Each policy comes with detailed implementation guidance and accompanying forms and templates to save you time creating them.
We also provide the link for completing a full safety and risk statement if you haven’t already got one in pfd format for upload to the Tusla registration site.

Re-Registration Package €90

Personalising your Policies
When you order your package, you will receive a short list of questions from Meantóir. Once we receive your response, we will be able to give you an expected date your documents to be emailed to you (3 days to 2 weeks depending on orders). We will use the information you send us to personalise your policies as much as possible with your name, logo etc. Please check the matrix content list with each pack to see which documents are in pdf and which documents are editable.
So take the stress out of administration – order your policies today!