Child Safeguarding Statement


Due to repeated requests by early childhood services for a comprehensive Child Safeguarding Statement written in an easy to follow format – this product is now complete and available to order. The statement is written in line with the 6 best practice themes outlined in the Tusla Children First Child Safeguarding Guide 2019.

This Child Safeguarding Statement specifies the service you provide and the principles and procedures to be observed in order to ensure, as far as practicable, that a child availing of your early childhood service is safe from harm. It also lists the various policies and procedures that support child safeguarding in your early childhood service.

Under the Children First Act 2015 all early years services (including stand-alone afterschool services) who employ one or more person are required to have a Child Safeguarding Statement.

The statement is provided in PDF format. Once you place your order, you will receive a list of questions from Meantóir to personalise your statement to your service, including name, address and management structure, key roles, record storage and other details unique to your service.