CPD- Learning Stories & Planning for Children’s Interests Event

Inis Eoghain Participants
Inis Eoghain Participants

Meantóir CPD – Learning Stories and Emergent Planning

During May-June 2019, over 75 Early childhood educators across Donegal took part in Meantóir’s CPD programme on ‘Learning Stories and Emergent Planning’. The popular programme was delivered in 3 different locations – Inis Eoghain, Letterkenny and Donegal Town and feedback from all 3 programmes was consistently and highly positive.
The programme provided Educators with a sound knowledge base on the Learning Story Approach to assessment for learning and how to frame observations and assessments in a concise and informative manner. The second part of the programme on Emergent Planning, provided Educators with the skills and tools to plan learning activities for children’s interests as they evolve.

Letterkenny Participants
Letterkenny Participants

Here is a flavour of what Educators had to say on completing the programme …

  • I cannot recommend this course enough for all Early Years Educators. For a long time like so many others I dreaded planning day! I felt like I was completely lost and although we had a child lead approach our medium term plan felt like a waste of time because the children’s interest always changed within the month. As for learning stories and observations, having to link them to the Aister aims and goals had taken all the goodness out of them for me and I dreaded writing them up as they took up so much time. From this course Avril has changed our whole view on planning and our approach to learning stories. She has brought everything back to basics and we now have a fantastic new approach to planning and learning stories. I am so delighted to have completed this course. It was definitely one of the best for me, one that I was actually afraid to leave the room incase I missed something. Thank you for your help Avril … JMcC
  • Such a brilliant course got so much out of it very informative and I got so much valuable information and tips to carry forward in this area. One of the best courses I’ve been on to date definitely highly recommend this course to other educators… A.F
  • I could honestly listen to Avril all day – a very very skilled trainer and expert in early years. I can’t describe what I got from this course – not just the knowledge about assessment and planning – which was just brilliant … but about my role as an Educator …. I feel motivated for the first time in years – thank you … RD
Donegal town participants
Donegal town participants
  • Thanks so much to Avril! I really enjoyed this training session and would highly recommend it to all educators/ providers who have not yet attended. I took away so much and I’m very grateful to have someone finally make sense about the planning and understanding that it really is that simple! I am looking forward to implementing all that I’ve learned…. S.D
  • Highly recommend this course, Avril has lifted the confusion around planning and learning stories that we implement for children in early years educational settings. With the training Avril has delivered I can now spend more meaningful time as an educator with the children , Avril’s skills as a trainer and the templates that are provided as part of the training will ensure that I can deliver a quality and needs lead early years educational experience for the children in our service . Thank you Avril, look forward to the implementation of the app for the academic year ahead … PMcC
  • Thanks to Avril our learning stories and planning are no longer going to be daunting! Avril provided us with the tools and knowledge to show us how to implement these into our settings confidently. Looking forward to putting today’s learning into practice! I would encourage anyone who hasn’t attended the workshop to do so when it’s available again! S. NíB
  • Really enjoyed it, and although I did building pictures of learning away back, I took tons of information away from today’s session… M.P
  • I would highly recommend any educators /providers who have not yet been to this mentoring training to attend , I have learned so much and planning makes much more sense and realizing yes it is easy for once I am looking forward to implementing something I understand which makes it more enjoyable.
  • Thanks to Avril for also giving up her Saturday to mentor us yet again on another great informative mentoring session… O. McD
  • Just wow! Avril you have a very different and easy way of training – I only wish there were more like you. I didn’t want to miss a minute and I understood everything you were saying! I now feel much more confident and positive in my job … Thank you, I will definitely be back for more! … LO’D
  • We were at a crossroads for such a long time with observations and planning for children’s interests. I dreaded planning day and was always worried that our planning ‘wasn’t right’, that it didn’t incorporate all the children’s interests and that it was becoming stale and mundane. Planning a medium term plan I felt was pointless as by the second week the children would lose interest or move onto something new. Through this course Avril has given us a much easier way to document learning stories and to plan a flexible on-going plan that is clear, concise and incorporates the interests of the children. So today we put our new knowledge and tools to the test by planning for next week and I have to say it’s a revelation! It feels so much easier and everyone was enthusiastic! I realised that I had been so anxious about planning and over- thinking everything but today I felt relieved, like a huge weight was lifted, I even smiled whilst doing it! It’s crazy how much pressure we put on ourselves as early years educators but I do think doing this course has given me at least a few years back! Thanks so much Avril! … BMcL
  • Was a fantastic course, really learned a lot. You made it sound so easy! Thanks Avril … CC
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CPD – Emergent Curriculum Course. April 2019