Professional Supports
for Early Childhood Education

Meantóir’s Core Aims

Meantóir is a specialist support service for early childhood educators and childcare service providers working with children from 0-6 years old. With over twenty years’ experience in early childhood care and education including management, academic training and development, CPD mentoring, research and policy development– we offer an extensive package of supports to assist you achieve high levels of quality practice regardless of your service size or type.
We can offer tailor made supports to suit your individual needs whether it is one to one mentoring to assist you with a specific area of your work with children or continuing professional development for your team. We offer HR supports for Managers or help in drawing up a Business Plan to develop a new early childhood service. So don’t feel that you are isolated or on your own with all the challenges of providing a quality early childhood service – call us to see how we can support you!

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Meantóir Services

Specialist Mentoring

Specialist Mentoring Supports

Are you a little stuck in a particular part of your practice? Does your routine seem stale? Do you think you have made progress and are now unsure how to move to the next stage? Do you just want another set of eyes on your documentation to see if you can improve anywhere? Or would you like some guidance following a Tusla inspection to help you improve in specific areas in a short time frame?
Then tailored Mentoring around specific areas of practice could help you greatly. Following an initial consultation meeting, a mentoring plan will be developed specific to your needs, time frame and budget.

Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development

Are you new to Aistear or looking to develop your practice in using Aistear further? Either way, Continuing Professional Development in line with the principles and objectives of Aistear the Early Childhood Curriculum Framework and the Aistear Síolta Practice Guide will ensure you and your team are delivering quality early childhood experiences and adhering to professional levels of practice.

Following a consultation meeting, we can identify the most appropriate CPD needs of your team or individuals and take it from there! You may decide to attend a CPD session with other early childhood educators or avail of a private delivery in your own setting with scheduled follow up implementation supports. The choice is yours!


Aistear in Practice 0-3 and 3-5 years
Positive Behaviour Strategies for Young Children
Planning and Assessing Using Aistear’s Themes
Strengths Based Writing Techniques
Meaningful Interactions with Children
Mo Scéal. Moving from Preschool to Primary: Supporting Young Children and their Families with Transition
Developing, Documenting and Implementing and Individual Education Plans
Understanding the Tusla Quality Regulatory Framework

Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures Package

As a key part of your quality standards and processes, it is essential that your policies and procedures guide your early childhood service and staff as well as the families who use your service.

Meantóir Policy, Procedure and Statement Packages are specifically developed in line with the Child Care Regulations (The Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) (Amendments) Regulations 2016 and Part II, Article 5(4) Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) (Registration of School Age Services) Regulations 2018.

Each package option is available in electronic PDF format and is personalised with your name, logo and some key positional information which we will ask you to provide following your order. A ‘Statement of Purpose’ document accompanies the policy pack which is fully editable ‘Word’ format so that you can make necessary changes to your details as they arise. Some editable templates are also provided as appropriate (see package options for a full list of contents).

Packages options include a Full Policy package, a Re-Registration package or a School Age Childcare package. Policies can also be bought in singles or as one section of the full package.

Each package provides detailed policies, procedures and statements that will become your ‘go to’ guide on different areas of your practice with children. Each policy is linked to the relevant underpinning legislation, outlines clear processes for good practice and provides staff guidance where necessary.

*Please note that if more than one edit is required to personalise your pack beyond a few personal amendments, an extra cost will be incurred. These packs are not particularly suitable for sole operators with unique arrangements as they are written with a team approach in mind.

Tutorial Sessions

Tutorial Sessions

Are you a Childminder or mature student undertaking FETAC/HETAC training in early childhood education or training? Are you under a particular time constraint to gain a qualification to access a DCYA funding programme?

Would you like some structured guidance on doing research, completing modules or writing up assignments? Then you may benefit by participating in 1:1 tutorial sessions to support you during your period of study.

Business Supports

Business Supports

We offer a range of supports to Childcare Service Providers to assist them in a range of areas including:

Start Up Supports including a practical research of need and compiling a Business Plan.

Funding Application Support to increase your chances of submitting a successful funding application.

Developing Policies and Procedures for your service

Support to meet Tusla Registration and Compliance.

HR Supports such as interviewing staff, mediating disputes and setting up efficient work systems.

Meantoir Early education

CPD Event Options

Check out the range of CPD programmes on offer from Meantóir this term. Read about what each programme contains, and how it will support your quality practice with children. Different locations and dates are outlined and easy booking options are provided.

Latest from Meantóir

Meantóir Mentoring Packages

One-to-one specialist support that provides intensive mentoring, advice and CPD will improve your professional practice through collaborative learning and working. In addition, as identified in Governments First 5 Strategy 2019-28, participating in ongoing quality enhancement supports will help you achieve enhanced funding by meeting specified quality indicators.